Triple Town is stretched/squished or oriented in the wrong direction on my iOS device

Update: We think this problem is fixed in v1.89.7i, which was released on 2015-03-26. Please take the update if you haven't already, then let us know if the problem persists. Note that the update may take a few hours to propagate to your geography, but it should be available everywhere by Saturday, 2015-03-28.


There is a known problem in v1.89.6i where the game may do one of the following:

  • Appears stretched or squished (depending on which way you orient the device) on some iPads.
  • Will display only in Landscape mode on some iPads.
  • Will not allow you to place pieces on part of the board on some iPhones.

We hope to have a fix out shortly. Until the fix is available, please do the following to avoid the problem:

  1. Kill the app from the carousel, as described here. *** You must kill the app from the carousel or the remaining steps will not work. ***
  2. Check your device's rotation lock settings. If it is currently locked, unlock it temporarily.
  3. Launch the app while the device is in Portrait mode. Our understanding is that the problem only occurs if the app is launched while the device is in Landscape mode, so by launching while in Portrait mode you should avoid the problem.
  4. Do not leave Portrait mode until you have passed the loading screens and are into the game. Confirm that your game looks/behaves correctly. If you'd like, you can rotate the the device to Landscape and confirm that the game looks/behaves correctly in Landscape as well.
  5. Follow the directions here to view your game's rotation lock setting. If it is currently locked, set it to unlocked. If it's already unlocked, you don't have to do anything further.
  6. Done! You should now be able to rotate your device to either Portrait or Landscape mode and the game should continue to look/behave correctly
  7. Note that you may have to repeat these steps each time you want to play. This is not the case for everyone, but it is for some people and we don't understand what puts people into one category or another.

If these directions do not work for you, please email and let us know; perhaps there is a nuance of the bug that we have missed.

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