Restoring Triple Town purchases from Amazon

Note: only non-consumable purchases (things that can't be used up) can be restored. In particular, coins cannot be restored through the means described here. If you have lost coins that you've purchased, we are very sorry, but we do not have a way of restoring these to you.

  • Unlimited Turns (and anything that gets unlocked along with them, such as the extra maps)
  • The "All Animals" bundle
  • The "Winter" graphics
Note 2: Purchases made with coins also cannot be restored. (E.g., if you purchased the "Winter" graphics using coins rather than real money. Since no real money has changed hands, Amazon won't have a transaction record to look up.)

Restoring purchases from the Amazon Appstore

To restore a purchase from Amazon, navigate through the app as though you were going to purchase the feature again. At the point where you would ordinarily be charged, Amazon instead realizes that you've already purchased it in the past and activates it again for free. The screenshots below demonstrate this process for restoring Unlimited Turns; however, the process for restoring All Animals or the Winter Set are largely the same:

  1. Make sure your device is configured to make purchases with the same Amazon account that made the original purchase. (This is very important; otherwise you *will* be charged in Steps 9 and 10.)
  2. If the game isn't already installed on your device, install it from the Amazon Appstore.
  3. Reboot your device, wait for it to re-establish a network connection, and start the Triple Town app.
  4. If you are immediately put into the initial tutorial, play through it. You will not have access to some of the buttons used in later steps until the tutorial is completed.
  5. Using the directions on this page, make sure that your game is connected to the Amazon Appstore--the remaining steps won't work unless the game is connected.
  6. Open the in-game Store.
  7. Click the Unlimited Turns item as though you were going to purchase it again.
  8. This brings up the screen shown below. Click the orange “$3.99” button.
  9. The button you just clicked will change into a green “Buy” button. Click the “Buy” button. (Don't worry; so long as you've already bought the item once for this Amazon account, it shouldn't purchase the item a second time.)
  10. Enter your Parental Controls password if necessary.
  11. You should get a message back saying "You already own this item" and an orange "OK" button. Click the OK button and you will be returned to the game.
  12. Also, your game should now say that you have unlimited turns.

If your purchase still isn't activated after following these steps, please email so we can help you.

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