Currencies and items in Alphabear 2 (AB2)

This page lists some of the currencies and items in Alphabear 2. Note that the currencies and items may change as the game evolves, and this page may not always be up-to-date with the current state of the game.

ui_mainmenu_honey.png Honey is our "energy system." Most matches cost Honey to play. Honey recharges slowly over time when you are below 100 Honey.
eventcost_icon_coin.png Coins are used in the Time Warp screen to pay for the Coin Time Warp.
eventcost_icon_berry.png Berries are used in the Time Warp screen to pay for the Berry Time Warp.
tvtime_icon_cloth.png Cloth is used in the Clothing Customizer screen to purchase clothing. There are three types: Red, Yellow, and Blue.
boost_icon_coffee_outline.png Coffee is used to help a bear who fell asleep in School get a bit more studying in (i.e., level up again).


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