School (AB2)


School is a game mode where you can level up your bears. On any given day, only one affinity's bears can attend school. As you can see in the screenshot above, the top bar tells you which affinity's turn it is today, and the button below it tells you which affinity gets its turn tomorrow. In the picture, school is in session for Brave bears today, and tomorrow Cautious bears will get their turn.

You can also click that button to see an extended schedule like this:


If the bear is in school and awake, tap on it and you can spend honey to either:

  • immediately gain one level (this option always gains 1 level only)
    • Note that this option does not appear until after you've played one match of bear school normally as described in the next bullet.
  • play a match where, if you win, you'll gain at least one level, with a small chance to gain more than one level.

Bears fall asleep after studying (leveling up) in school. If you want to have a bear study more (level up again), you can spend a Coffee to do that. Coffee levels up the bear automatically; you don't have to spend honey or play a match after using it.

Icons in Bear School

The digital clock

Some bears may have digital clocks on their desks. E.g., in the first screenshot on this page, the middle bear in the bottom row has a clock on its desk whereas the other bears do not. The clock means that the match (if you choose to play it) will be a timed match. Desks without a clock indicate an untimed match. People who dislike one type of match or the other can use this indicator to decide if they'll play the match, skip the match and take the default 1-level reward, or not level up that bear at all.

The ticket icon


The ticket icon in Bear School denotes a bear that can help you meet the unlock requirements for one or more Tiers of a Special Event. Thus, you may want to level up that bear even though it may not otherwise seem particularly useful to you.

In the example screenshot above, Superstar Bear has a ticket icon because she is a "celebrity" bear, and there is a Special Event Tier—"Walk of Fame," Tier 2—that can only be played if you own 3 or more "celebrity" bears of level 20 or higher. Thus, leveling her up can help you to eventually unlock that particular Special Event Tier. Victrola Bear and Anubis Bear do not have ticket icons because leveling them up doesn't help you to unlock any Special Event Tiers.

One nuance to this: Bears will not display ticket icons until you meet the requirements for playing Tier 1 of the relevant Special Event. This is an intentional design decision—we don't want players to be overwhelmed with too many ticket icons, so we initially hide the ticket icons that won't be relevant until a ways in the future.

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