Time Warps (AB2)


Time Warps are one of two primary ways to get new bears. (The other way is playing Story Mode; however there are quite a few bears you will never get if you only play Story Mode.)

As of 2018-06-14 there are three time machines in the Time Warps screen. Clockwise from the top of the picture, they are:

  • The Coin Warp costs Coins to use and offers the best chance of getting the highest-rarity bears. The Coin Warp doesn't give Commons; it only gives Rares, Epics, and Legendaries.
  • The Berry Warp costs Berries to use. All 4 bear rarities can drop from the Berry Warp.
  • The Free Warp can be used once every 24 hours, although you can watch ads to reduce the delay and thus use it more often. The Free Warp only gives Commons, Rares, and Epics.
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