I started a year with the wrong amount of energy

Steam and PlayStation 4 versions

A common misconception is that you start a new year with:

  1. A baseline energy equal to the amount of energy you finished the previous year with
  2. Plus 50% (or 40% if you have an older version of the game) of the energy you finished the previous year with, as is mentioned in the previous year’s summary screen
  3. Plus any energy given to you by the townsfolk
  4. All of the above adjusted by the permanent charms in your bedroom and the charms you have chosen to equip.
  5. The max energy you can have is 400.

The misconception is with point 1 above: the baseline energy is not the amount you finished the previous year with; rather, it is a pre-defined amount of energy (sometimes 35, sometimes 60, and perhaps other values) as scripted by the level designers. Points 2-5 are correct, with point 2 being your reward for finishing a year with high energy.

If this isn’t the issue, please email and let us know the inputs into the calculation (energy you finished the previous year with, which level you were playing (year and normal/hard mode), charms equipped, etc.) and we can try to figure out what is going on.

iOS and tvOS versions

See above, except:

  • In Step 2 you get to keep 100% of your energy, not 50%.
  • In Step 5, the max energy is 300, not 400.
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