The game freezes (I can't move) just after I get Married, become a Life Companion, or otherwise receive a gift in my house

Note: The instructions here describe a known bug. If your situation is different, or if the workaround doesn't work in your situation, please email and let us know.

Note: This bug is now fixed in our most current versions of the game. Please confirm that you have the most recent version installed before contacting us.


There is a known bug where you might be unable to move just after you receive a gift while in your house (generally just after you get Married or become Life Companions with someone). The problem only occurs if the other character gives you an equippable gift and you choose Cancel rather than Equip. After the bug triggers, you will be unable to move. The only thing you can do is open the Options menu and teleport to the Shrine, which doesn't help because you'll be in another location but still unable to move.

Workaround (please do this until the problem is fixed)

To avoid the bug, when the other character gives you a charm and you have the choice to Equip it or Cancel, you should always choose Equip. Afterwards, you can unequip any of the charms you don't want to use. This is done by entering the rooms west of the bedroom and bumping an empty space on the long horizontal tables. Each time you bump such a space, one of your charms will become unequipped. Do this to remove all the charms you don't want to equipped, then bump the charms you do want to use and choose to equip them.

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