I teleported from the mayor's room while holding a kid in the doorway and did not get credit for saving the child

Note: The instructions here describe a known bug. If your situation is different, or if the workaround doesn't work in your situation, please email and let us know.

Note: This bug is now fixed in our most current versions of the game. Please confirm that you have the most recent version installed before contacting us.

There is a bug in which, if you're holding a child over the doorway of the mayor's room and teleport, the child will behave as though saved but will not be credited to your number of saved kids.

Until you install the update containing this fix, DON'T teleport if you're in the mayor's room and holding a child in a position like this (where a throw won't put the child into the room):
The child will behave as though it has been saved, but you won't get credit for the save. This may mean that you won't be able to meet your goal for the year.

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