How do I report a problem in Road Not Taken? (Steam version only)

(Note: These instructions are for Steam only. To report a problem with Road Not Taken on a different platform, please go to this page.

Please email with the following information:

  1. Let us know that you were playing Road Not Taken on Steam. We have several games on several platforms and so it helps when we don't have to guess which game and platform you are talking about.

  2. What is the problem, and what were you doing when the problem occurred? E.g., “I placed five flowers next to each other but the door did not open” or “The game stopped responding to my controller input after I combined three Red Spirits to make an Axe”.

  3. If you are easily able to do so, please attach a screenshot of the problem. It doesn't have to be a true screenshot; you can attach a photo you took with your digital camera. This page explains how to take a screenshot if you don't already know:

  4. Which language are you playing the game in? (E.g., English, Spanish, French, etc.)

  5. Which version of Operating System is your computer running? (Windows 7, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, etc.)

  6. Are  you playing in Fullscreen mode or in Windowed mode?
  7. What is your screen resolution? E.g., 1366x768. Note that this is an Operating System setting, not a Road Not Taken setting.
  8. If you're not already there, get to the point where the problem occurs. Then exit the game and attach your Save File (RoadNotTakenData.dat), which you can find by following these instructions:

  9. What was the number of the folder in which you found your Save File? (E.g., in the example hyperlinked above, the number we are looking for is 1234567890.) Use copy-and-paste if possible to avoid making typographical errors. (Alternatively, we can get this information if you log in to and send us the URL that you arrive at. It will look something like "" or "".)

  10. What is the version number of your game? You can find this at the bottom of the Options menu, as shown here (your Options menu may have different options depending on your game version):
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