Triple Town Object Progression

Triple Town is played by combining 3 or more of the same objects. Each time you do so, you create a higher-tier object. This image below explains the progression of objects:


There are some other special rules that apply in certain situations:

  1. When you build a Triple Castle, you need four Floating Castles.
    • This is an intentional design decision, not a bug. When asked why he designed it this way, the designer said, "Because it is the last combo and I wanted it to be a big challenge."
  2. If you place a Crystal in a place where it won't complete a match, it turns into a Rock.
  3. If you use an Imperial Bot on a Mountain, you get a Small Treasure Chest. If you combine 3 Mountains, you get a Large Treasure Chest.
  4. Triple Castles and Large Treasure Chests are the highest-tier objects; you can't build these into anything further. Open up the Large Treasure Chests and build as many Triple Castles as you can! 
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