How do I buy Animals or the Fall / Winter / Spring / Candy Country graphics? (Mobile game only)

  • The Winter Graphics Set and Animals were introduced in version 1.83.
  • The Spring Graphics Set was introduced in version 1.87.
  • The Fall Graphics Set was introduced in version 1.89.
  • Also introduced in version 1.89 is an "All Seasons" bundle that will let you purchase all three seasons at a discount.
  • The Candy Country Graphics Set was introduced in version 1.90.0.
    • Note that Candy Country is not included in the All Seasons bundle--"Candy" is not a season!

You purchase these features from the "Decorative" tab in the in-game Store.

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Animals and the various graphic sets apply to all your maps (not just the one you purchased it from) and to each time you play (i.e., you don't lose them when you get a "Settlement complete!"--Triple Town's version of a "Game Over"). You can also switch between the different graphics sets whenever you want.

Animals and the various graphics sets may be purchased with coins or with real money.

  • Please be aware that, if your game data is lost (e.g., if you delete the game and later reinstall it), only purchases made with real money can be restored for free--purchases made with coins will have to be purchased again. This is because, while Triple Town has no means of transferring data across devices, the app market can give a non-consumable purchase back to you for free IF it knows that you purchased it in the past.
  • And so, if you're going to spend real money on these features, DON'T do it by buying coins with the intent of using those coins to purchase Animals/Seasons. Instead, spend the real money directly on the Animals/Seasons so that you can keep the purchase across installations.


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