Affinities (AB2)

Every bear in the game belongs to one of 5 affinities:

icon_affinity_brave.png  Brave

icon_affinity_cautious.png Cautious

icon_affinity_calm.png Calm

icon_affinity_scary.png Scary

icon_affinity_merry.png Merry

Particular matches in the game might favor a particular affinity. For example a particular match might double the Score Bonus of any Cautious bears used in the match, while bears of other affinities would not get their Score Bonuses doubled.

  • At the time I write this statement, the increase is 2.5x, not just 2x. But the idea is the same--bears will be more beneficial than usual if used in a match where their affinity is favored.

School will service only one affinity on a particular day. E.g., today may be a day when Merry bears can attend school and bears of other affinities cannot. Check the School Schedule to learn when a particular affinity gets to attend school.

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