I'm having trouble selecting bears in the Bear Select screen

We recently made some performance optimizations to the Bear Select screen. Because of this, some of the Bear Select screen functions have changed slightly.

If you are unable to tap and highlight a bear

  • An accidental result of the optimization was that the Bear Select screen is less forgiving to a tap in which the finger touches down and slides a tiny bit before lifting up. Until we can make this more forgiving, please try tapping in a short and precise manner--down and up without any sliding!

If you are unable to get the bears to scroll left/right

  • Another change we made in the optimization pass was that you now have to swipe your finger over the grid of bears in order to be able to scroll the bears (previously you could scroll by swiping your finger on other parts of the screen, too).

If neither of these things help, please email us at!

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