How do I use Google Play Games service to save my progress to the cloud? (Android devices only)


  • You must have a Google+ profile in order to be able to sign into and use Google Play Games Service features. If your Google account doesn't already have a Google+ profile, you can create one by going to .


  1. Make sure that you've done everything listed in the Requirements section above.
  2. Sign in to Google Play Games service as described here.
  3. Do something where the game will actually save progress. E.g., Start an event and play through it until you've returned to the Event Select screen.
  4. If this is the first time you've done this, don't exit your game for a few minutes to make sure that the game has enough time to transmit the save up to the cloud.
  5. Done! This particular device should now be saving its Alphabear progress to the cloud.


  • For some reason that neither we nor Google understand, cloud saves are occasionally being created in a corrupt manner. Thus, some players have unfortunately lost progress by assuming they had a good save in the cloud when in fact they did not. We have investigated with Google on multiple occasions, but neither they nor we have been able to pinpoint the problem. Until we can resolve the issue, please *don't* rely on the cloud save as a guaranteed backup of your game data. Instead, please treat the installation on your device as the "gold" copy of your game data, with the cloud save being something you *might* be able to restore from if something bad happens to the data on your device.
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