Alphabear tutorial

Welcome to the Alphabear tutorial!  

Alphabear is an English word-spelling game where you make words out of given letters.

  • Tap on letters in the right order to spell a word, then press the submit button at the bottom of the screen.
    • If you want a detailed discussion of which words are acceptable, please see this page.
  • You can use any visible letter on the board. The letters you're using don't have to be next to each other or in a particular alignment.
  • Each letter that you use turns into an adorable bear.
  • Bears that are next to each other merge together and become bigger bears. Bigger bears are worth more points!
  • Each letter has a counter (the number on the tile). The counter decreases by 1 each turn. If the counter reaches zero, the letter turns into a rock and becomes unusable.
  • Not only are rocks unusable; they also get in the way of growing big bears.
  • The red letters have a counter of 1 and are going to turn into rocks on the next turn, so try to use them up! The orange letters have a counter of 2, and will turn red next turn, so try to use them up, too!
  • The event ends when either of the following occurs:
    • The visible letters on the board contain no playable words.
    • (Timed matches only) Time runs out.
  • In your first few games you'll probably end up with lots of rocks on the boards. But as you practice, you'll become more proficient at preventing rocks and making bigger bears.


So what about these bears I'm earning?

  • After you've earned a bear (via meeting the score target for the event), you can take the bear with you into future events. Each bear has unique stats that can help your score and strategy.
  • Beat events and collect more bears to use.
  • Don't worry if you're collecting duplicate bears. Collecting duplicates of a bear is how that bear levels up and gets stronger!

How does scoring work?

It's a little complicated. The short version is that you'll score better if you bring as many strong bears as possible into the event, and if you make your bears as large as possible by not letting any letters turn into rocks. For more details on scoring, please see this page.

Do you have any tips?

Yes! Please see this page.

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