How do I know which bears I can win from an event? (AB1)

Follow these screenshots to learn which bears you can win in a particular event:

  1. Click the event.
  2. Click the 'i' button at the top of the Bear Selection screen.
  3. A summary of the event will come up, including lists of which bears can be won at each reward tier (Silver Egg or Gold Egg).

If you score in the appropriate tier (Silver Egg or Gold Egg), then the bear you receive is randomly chosen from the bears awarded in that tier. Note that, while it is random, not all bears have an equal chance of being awarded--the weaker bears will generally be awarded with higher frequency than the stronger bears.

  • Some players are under the mistaken impression that your chances of getting the rarer bears is higher if you far exceed the required score. This is incorrect. All that matters is the color of the egg; whether you easily earn it or barely earn it makes no difference.

Note: The cost of the event (honey or coins) is not permanently deducted from your account until you get to the game board. So, you can select the event and look at its bears at no risk. If you don't like what you see, click the X in the upper-left corner of the Bear Select screen and you'll be returned to the Event Select screen with the entry cost of the event restored to you.

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