Alphabear: Hardcover Edition troubleshooting - please provide this information (Mac and Windows versions only)

(Note: These instructions are for Alphabear: Hardcover Edition only. To report a problem with Alphabear on a different platform, please go to this page.)

Please email with the following information:

  1. Which operating system is your device running (e.g., Windows 8 SP1 or MacOS 10.12.1)?
  2. If possible, please send us the Options Menu info described here.
  3. In which country are you playing? (Sometimes there are issues that only affect a particular geographic region.)
  4. If the problem involves connecting to either the internet, what kind of internet connection are you experiencing the problem on? E.g., "my home Wi-Fi" or "the Wi-Fi in my local coffee shop." List as many as are relevant.
  5. Please give us a step-by-step description of what you see when the issue occurs. If relevant, please include screenshots as they are extremely helpful.
  6. Please try fully exiting the game, then relaunching it. Does this fix the problem, help temporarily, or not help at all?
  7. Please send us your log file as described here.
  8. Please send us your save files as described here.
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