Alphabear 2 on iOS crashes a few times on launch but eventually opens

At the time I write this, we're not currently sure what is causing the problem, or why it's only affecting a few players. We hadn't released any new Alphabear 2 updates around the time the problem began, so our guess is that maybe another company released an update that didn't work well with something already in the Alphabear 2 app.

One person said that the steps below helped her. We don't see why it would fix things permanently (at the time we suspected a different issue), but it's rather painless and if it helps then great! She said the third step was the key as she'd done the other two things before contacting us.

  1. Fully exit from all your apps (make sure to save your work first!) by following these instructions:
  2. Fully power off the device (don't just put it to sleep), then turn it on again.
  3. Launch the Alphabear 2 app before any other apps and see if the problem persists.
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