How do I play Word Puzzle Game?

What's the basic idea?

Word Puzzle Game is an English word-spelling game where you make words out of given letters.

  • There should be some letter tiles on the screen. Think about whether you could spell a word using some or all of the letters you see.
    • No repeat usage of a letter tile. In other words, if there is only one P letter tiles on the board then you can't spell HAPPY because you won't have enough P's.
    • The tiles don't have to touch or be in the correct order or anything. If the tile is on the board, you can use it in your word.
    • This page has more detail on which words are or aren't allowed.
  • Tap on letters in the correct order to spell the word. As you tap, the word will be spelled in the white bar at the bottom of the screen.
    • If you make a mistake and tap the wrong letter tile, tap the letter tile again to erase the mistake.
    • Or you can press the red X button to the right of the white bar to erase the whole word at once.
  • When you've finished spelling the word, look at the check mark in the left side of the white bar.
    • If the checkmark is surrounded by a green circle, the game thinks the word is valid.
    • If the checkmark is surrounded by a gray circle, the game thinks the word is illegal. Check that you spelled the word correctly and that the word is valid, then try again.
  • Tap the white bar to submit the word for scoring.
  • Each letter that you use turns into an adorable bear.
  • Bears that are next to each other merge together and become bigger bears. Bigger bears are worth more points!
  • Each letter has a counter (the number on the tile). The counter decreases by 1 each turn. If the counter reaches zero, the letter turns into a rock and becomes unusable.
  • Not only are rocks unusable; they also get in the way of growing big bears.
  • The red letters have a counter of 1 and are going to turn into rocks on the next turn, so try to use them up! The orange letters have a counter of 2, and will turn red next turn, so try to use them up, too!
  • The event ends when either of the following occurs:
    • The visible letters on the board contain no playable words.
    • (Timed matches only) Time runs out.
  • In your first few games you'll probably end up with lots of rocks on the boards. But as you practice, you'll become more proficient at preventing rocks and making bigger bears.

Collecting and using bears

  • As you play the game, you'll collect bears. There are dozens of bears to collect. Try to collect them all!
  • Prior to each time you play the word game, you'll be asked to select up to 3 bears to use in the match. Each bear has several properties, the most important of which are:
    • Level - The higher the number, the better. For example, a Level 5 Doc Bear is better than a Level 1 Doc Bear.
    • Rarity - A bear can be Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary. In general, a Common bear will be weaker than a Rare bear of the same level, and so on, with Legendaries being the strongest.
    • Score Bonus - This is one way bears help you when you select them for the match. During the match, you'll earn this many bonus points for each point you earn the normal way. Higher numbers are better. Score Bonus increases with a bear's Level.
    • Power - This is the other way bears help you when you select them for the match. During the match, these will be displayed at the top of the screen. For example, Doc Bear will give you +5 extra points each time you sell a 4-letter word.
  • You can collect more bears by winning the missions where a bear is standing on the map. Or by using the Time Warp feature, which you'll unlock as the game progresses.
  • You can't get more than one of the same bear. If you do "rediscover" a bear that you already own, that bear will level up instead of you getting another one.
  • You can also level up bears in Bear School, which will unlock as the game progresses.
  • You should level up your bears regularly because the game gets harder as you progress. At some point, it becomes hard enough that only the score bonuses of leveled-up bears will let you win.
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