Which words can/can't I play in Word Puzzle Game?

You cannot play:

  • One-letter words, such as "A" or "I".
  • Words that should always be capitalized. This includes the names of many people, cities, states, etc.
    • We've intentionally made a few specific exceptions to this rule, including:
      • Names of planets, continents, and countries.
      • Names of some religions. (I'm sorry if your religion was not chosen. The intent is to let players spell some commonly used words, not to make a judgment on which religions are better.)
      • Days of the week and months of the year, such as "Monday" and "February".
  • Words that need an apostrophe or hyphen, such as "don't" or "yo-yo".
  • Words where the letter Q is not immediately followed by a U, because in this game there are no "Q" tiles, only "Qu" tiles.
  • Words that haven't yet been sufficiently adopted into the English language, including some slang and some foreign words.
  • The S-word, the F-word, and other such words you'd get in trouble for with most teachers.
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