Can I buy Infinite Honey in Alphabear 2?

In Alphabear 2, we decided to sell the ability to wholly and permanently disable advertisements instead of selling infinite honey like we did in the original Alphabear. We made this decision because we heard from many players of the original game that they regretted their decision to purchase infinite honey because it caused them to play the game in an unhealthy way that ultimately made them less happy.

Some users have suggested that we only did this so that we could sell honey consumables to players and make more money. Nothing could be further from the case, and this is demonstrably true, as you cannot buy honey *anywhere* in the game. We know that this means that we are giving up revenue, and we're OK with that.

You are welcome to share your opinion with us on this topic, but please understand that our decision has been made on this and we do not intend to change it. We will not have time to write back to you and engage in a long discussion about infinite honey. We're a small team and, especially in the weeks following worldwide launch, we'll be working hard to help people who are having trouble playing the game and other issues. This is not our way of saying "we do not care," but it is our way of saying that we have tried to do what we think is best for players, even if it means that we make less money doing it, and that's more important to us than anything else.

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