Capitalized words that are allowed in Alphabear 2

It is a often a rule in word games that words always requiring capitalization are *not* allowed. (Proper nouns fall into this category. So do some words derived from proper nouns.) Scrabble is an example of one reputable game following this rule.

The general rule is that Alphabear 2 doesn't allow words always requiring capitalization; however, we've made some specific exceptions for certain popular words. These words *are* playable in Alphabear 2 despite the fact that they must always be capitalized in proper usage:

  • Days of the week and their plurals. E.g., MONDAY and MONDAYS.
  • Months of the year. E.g., JANUARY.
  • FAHRENHEIT and CELSIUS (the temperature scales).
  • The names of some epochs, including PALEOLITHIC.
  • Nations, the adjective for things related to that nation, and the nouns used to refer to people from that nation. E.g., UGANDA, UGANDAN, and UGANDANS.
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