Doors Tutorial and FAQs (RNT)

This page will hopefully clear up some misconceptions about doors in Road Not Taken.

Doors Tutorial

  1. Doors block access to other parts of the forest. This is what they look like.
  2. Each door has a sign on it telling you which object in what quantity is required to open the door.
  3. To meet the requirement, simply get the correct number of the required object to be adjacent to each other in the room. This can occur anywhere in the room--it doesn't have to be near the door.
  4. Sometimes the required objects for a door aren't in the room. In this case, they're probably somewhere else in the forest. Go get them and bring them into the room so you can open the door!


Q: Do I have to open all of the doors in the forest?

Nope! If you can do what you want to do without opening some of the doors, good for you!

Q: The door opened when the requirements were met. Then some objects moved and the requirements were no longer met, so the door closed. Is that correct?

Yes, that's correct. In light of this,

  • Try to open doors in a manner such that the requirements won't later be broken. E.g., put the required items together in the far corner of the room so you won't inadvertently pick them up and move them later.
  • Be careful how you interact with the objects that are keeping your doors open. E.g., if your door is being kept open by 2 Pine Trees, be careful not to throw an Axe where it might chop down one of the Pine Trees.

Q: There aren't enough of the required object in the room!

There are probably more of the required object in another room. Go get them and transport them back to this room. Then you can open the door!

Q: There aren't enough of the required object in the entire forest! That's not fair!

The forest should be generated such that no door is initially impossible to open. But it won't necessarily stay that way. For example:

  • A Wolf might eat one of the Deer required to open the door.
  • You might accidentally chop down the Pine Trees required to open the door.
  • A Will-O-Wisp required to open the door might teleport into another room that you cannot access.

Try to play in a manner such that these things don't happen. E.g., be careful where you throw that Axe!

(Note that many objects, like the Deer mentioned above, don't actually disappear from the forest. Instead, they reappear in a random room. That said, there are no guarantees that they'll reappear in places accessible to you.)

Q: I'm not going to be able to meet this door's requirements...

Sometimes that happens. Here are some options:

  • If you can get into the room on the other side of the door, you can try to open the door from that side.
  • Maybe you can craft the object you need. Check the Book of Secrets to see if you know how to craft it!
  • Maybe you don't really need to get into the room behind that door. E.g., if all the kids are accounted for then maybe that's a room of the forest that you don't have to explore.
  • Sometimes you just can't save everybody. Save the kids that you can save, then talk to the Mayor and give up on the rest.
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