Throwing Tutorial and FAQs (RNT)

This FAQ hopefully helps with some misconceptions about throwing in Road Not Taken.

Throwing Tutorial

  1. As you'll see later, where you stand before lifting an object determines in which direction the object gets thrown. This Ranger is standing with two objects adjacent to him: one to the north and one to the east.
  2. Pressing the Pickup/Throw button attempts to lift all adjacent objects. You do not get to choose which objects to lift--if it's liftable, it will be picked up! In this case, both are liftable so both get lifted.
  3. The Ranger has walked while carrying the two objects. Notice that the object which started out to his east remains on his east side even though he is now facing the other direction!
  4. The player is contemplating a throw. The object being carried to his north will be thrown north, and the object being carried to his east will be thrown east.
  5. Pressing the Pickup/Throw button attempts to throw all carried objects. You do not get to choose which objects to throw--if it can be thrown it will be thrown!
  6. Because a thrown object always flies to the side it's being carried on, and because movement does not reorient a carried object, part of the game is learning to stand in the right place BEFORE you lift.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I pressed in a direction and threw, but my object flew in a different direction!

That's correct. The only thing that determines which way a thrown object flies is which side you're carrying it on. And that's determined by which side the object was on when you lifted it. Please consider revisiting the Tutorial section above.

Q: I picked up an object to my east, then walked to the west. The object did not re-position itself to my west!

That's correct. If the object is on your east when you pick it up, it will remain to the east regardless of which direction you walk.

Q: I only want to pick up some of the objects I'm adjacent to.

Sorry; that's part of the game. See if you can move to a different position or move some objects around so that you can pick up only the object you want to pick up.

Q: Can I throw an object into another room?

In general, yes. However, there are certain types of objects that cannot leave their rooms.

Q: How far can I throw an object?

Most objects will keep going until they exit the room, hit the edge of the room, or hit another object. A few heavy objects can only be thrown a few spaces at a time. And, as mentioned in the question above, some objects cannot be thrown into another room.

If you throw the object into the neighboring room, it will land just on the other side of the doorway. But, if there's already an object on the other side of the doorway, the thrown object will bounce back into your room.

Q: Why won't it let me throw the object I'm carrying?

Here are a few reasons that come to mind:

  • You're holding the object in the doorway. Throwing isn't allowed unless the object is fully inside a room. Walk back into the current room, or walk into the next room, and then you should be able to throw it.
  • (Some versions of the game) You're holding multiple objects, one or more of which are not throwable. in some versions of the game, you can't throw unless all objects can be thrown.

Q: I saw a screenshot of someone cheating and carrying an object that isn't carryable.

Maybe he/she doctored the screenshot or found a way to cheat. Or maybe it was magic. (Seriously, maybe it was magic. There is some magical stuff in this game.)

Q: I made a mistake picking up this object. Can I put it back down?

In the iOS and tvOS versions, you can put things back down rather than throwing them if you haven't yet moved since picking them up. To do so, long-tap (iOS) or click-and-hold (tvOS) until the Ranger puts down the objects he was carrying.

Unfortunately the same feature does not exist in the PlayStation 4 and Steam versions.


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