Why am I not receiving notifications? (Bushido Bear)

The following may be some reasons that you aren't receiving notifications:

  • It's not yet 8pm - Bushido Bear notifications are scheduled to occur at 8pm device time. (For most people, that's 8pm local time since most people keep their devices synced to local time.)
    • On some devices it occurs up to 45 minutes late, whereas on others it occurs at 8pm exactly. We are not yet sure what the factors are that cause it to occur late on some devices but not others.
  • You've already completed the current Quest Set - We don't send you a notification if there are no more quests to work on today!
  • You chose "Maybe Later" when asked if you wanted notifications - "Maybe Later" means that we won't send notifications for now, but we'll ask you again later. If you want the notifications, you have to say Yes!
  • Notifications are not turned on within the game.

    • If your device then asks if it's okay to turn on notifications, make sure that you say OK!
  • Notifications for this app are disabled in the device's Settings app.
  • Notifications for all apps are disabled in the device's Settings app.
  • The notification is scheduled to come in during the "quiet time" specified on the device.

If these don't seem to be the problem, please email with this info.

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