How do I connect Triple Town to Game Center? (iOS devices only)

In many cases, Triple Town will automatically connect to Game Center. However, in some cases you must do so manually. Please follow the screenshots below to do so:

1. Sign in to Game Center if you haven't already done so:

2. Connecting_to_Game_Center_1.jpg

3. Connecting_to_Game_Center_2.jpg

4. Connecting_to_Game_Center_3.jpg


Note that after Step 3, you will sometimes get the message below rather than what is shown in Step 4:

4a. Unable_to_Connect_to_Game_Center.jpg

If you receive the message in Step 4a, first exit the game. Then launch the Game Center app and sign into it. Finally, return to Triple Town and repeat Steps 2 and 3 and you should see the screen change as in Step 4.

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