I don't understand the controls (RNT)

When you tap/click/spacebar:

  • If you are currently lifting one or more things, you attempt to throw them all *away from* the ranger. "Away from the ranger" is the only direction you can throw in, so if you want to throw something upward, you should stand beneath it before you even pick it up, and so on.
  • If you are not currently lifting anything, you attempt to lift the objects in the 4 squares immediately adjacent to the ranger. Some objects aren't liftable, or require some special strength-enhancing magic to lift.

If you tap-and-hold or click-and-hold (mobile versions only):

  • If you are currently lifting one or more things, puts them back down *if* you haven't moved since lifting them. If you have already moved, this option is no longer available to you--even if you move back to the same place where you picked them up.

Swiping (mobile version only) or using the arrow keys / WASD / directional controls

  • You will attempt to move in the corresponding direction, along with everything you are currently lifting. If you can't move in that direction, maybe it's because there is an obstruction in front of either you or one of the objects you are lifting.
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