I can't launch the game. It says "TripleTown keeps stopping" (TTm)

Please find the answers to the following questions:

  • Determine whether your device has an SD card.
  • If so, determine if Triple Town is installed on the SD card (as opposed to being installed in the device's internal memory).

If the answer to both bullets is Yes, then this is a known problem in the version of the engine that we used to build version 2.0.0g. The following workaround may help:

  1. Move the Triple Town app from the SD card to the device's internal memory.
  2. Then try to launch the app.

That fixed the problem for the first person to report the issue. Hopefully it will fix the issue for you, too! If not, please email and let us know. In your email, please include a hyperlink to this page and tell us that you tried the instructions on it and what the results were.

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