How do I temporarily turn off "Back up to Google Drive"? (Android devices only)

Why would I want to temporarily turn it off?

This feature can interfere with certain assumptions that we made while developing our games. In particular, this feature can:

  • Cause a white screen when installing Alphabear 2 on a new device or reinstalling it on your current device.
  • Undesirably restore progress in cases where people have asked us to help them start over in Alphabear 2.
  • Undesirably restore a previous game state if you're reinstalling a game with the intent of starting over from the beginning.

For these reasons, we might ask you to turn off the feature temporarily when doing the above actions.

How do I turn it off?

Find and turn off the setting in the screenshot below on your device. To get to this setting, on my particular device I go to the Settings app (not "Google Settings", just "Settings"), remove my Google account from the device, and then re-add it. The screen comes up for me during the re-adding process. How you get to it on your device may differ depending on your version of Android.


When should I turn it back on?

After turning the feature off, first do whatever you need to do (reinstall the game, etc.). Then play a little in the game so that you can establish some save data.

  • For Triple Town, play a few turns outside of the tutorial. If you've started over from the beginning, you'll have to fully play through the tutorial first in order to do that--the game doesn't save during the tutorial.
  • For Alphabear 2, play a board and either complete it or press the House button and choose to quit the board. If you've started over from the beginning, play through Mission 1-1.

After that, you can turn the setting back on.

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