The Tournament isn't giving me my free play today (AB2)

Please do one of the following:

  1. Wait at least an hour, then try again. Sometimes the problem goes away on its own.
  2. If you have enough coins, pay the coins and play, then contact us and we can give you back the coins. (We'll get back to you on the same day-ish, but it might take a few days to give back the coins because we'll first try to verify against our analytics data that you didn't play once for free first.)
  3. Contact us and we can reset your game's data so you can play for free, if we get to your support ticket in time.

"1" is the preferred option when it works since 2 and 3 take a lot of time on our end. But we'd rather have you play than miss the tournament, so don't hesitate to do 2 if you don't think you'll get to try again later, or to do 3 immediately and then write us back later if the problem clears up on its own.

Other notes

  • The problem seems to be encountered more frequently by folks who try to play shortly after the tournament begins, as opposed to some hours later.
  • Some folks who used to encounter this problem repeatedly say that they can avoid the problem by fully exiting the app and relaunching it on Mondays before accessing the Tournaments screen for the first time. Unfortunately, if you've already seen that the problem happened, it's possibly too late.
  • The weekends on which Daylight Saving Time clock changes occur can temporarily confuse some time-based aspects of the game. If this occurred to you on the Monday after such a weekend, it's possibly just a one-off problem and things may be better on a normal Monday. Note that not all of the world changes their clocks on the same weekend.
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