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Q: Can you sell stuff?

You can sell to other players by typing /trade theplayersname. You cannot sell to NPCs; there is no NPC in the game that will buy your stuff. If you have stuff you don't need and don't think another player will pay you for, drop it on the ground. If you're feeling charitable, drop it near some low-level planes--they'll appreciate the free upgrades!

Q: How do you friend someone?

Either of these will work:

  • Open the Friends window (Tab is the default key), click on the person you wish to friend, and click Add As Friend.
  • Type /friend theplayersname

Q: Where do I get Gold?

Gold is a premium currency. You can purchase it for real money by going to the Store in the Rebel City. Or you can get Gold in a trade with another player, if you have something they want and they are willing to pay Gold for it.

Q: What is Back Quote (the default key for dropping your inventory)?

It's a reverse apostrophe. On many US keyboards it's the key to the left of 1, and what gets typed if you type a tilde (~) without using Shift.

Q: Why do some enemies have a cat icon next to their names?

Those enemies are stronger than you should probably be taking on right now. You can try if you want, but be prepared to die.

Q: What's the icon next to my name?

That icon corresponds to your pilot rank. At certain milestones, you'll get a new icon. The current highest icon is a golden bird, received at pilot rank 201.

Q: What does "soulbound" mean?

A soulbound item cannot be dropped. It may or may not be tradable, depending on the item.


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