Tell me about the rocket ship (a.k.a., ascension) (ABH)

Ascension (a.k.a., the rocket ship)

When you use the rocket ship to ascend, your village will be wiped, but you will always keep all your Epic and Legendary bears (if you have any). More importantly, you will gain new Friend Bears that can ONLY be earned by ascending. These Friend Bears will, with each ascension, make it possible for you to reach a higher value ceiling (i.e., you'll go farther before feeling stuck) and better village than you could previously! And over time you will amass a large permanent collection of bears.

Note: you cannot un-ascend, so make sure you're ready to go (e.g., take screenshots to remember the old village by, if you want to) before doing so. If you've already ascended, no worries—you can build the new village better than it was before!

When can I ascend?

The option to ascend appears beginning at Level 16. But you don't have to ascend immediately if you want to get to a higher level first.

When would I want to ascend?

Consider ascending when you feel stuck because reaching the next village level seems impossible. Your passive income drops back to 0, but your village level also drops back to level 1, putting the level-up requirements within easy reach again. And you'll receive the ascension rewards that enable you to do better than you could previously.

The intended progression is:

  1. Build up your village until you feel stuck because reaching the next village level seems impossible.
  2. Ascend by talking to one of the rocket captains and choosing to travel to a new village.
  3. Ascending wipes out your previous village in exchange for avocados, guacamole, Friend Bears, and/or Friend Bear Tokens. You do get to keep some specific items, which are described in the next section.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3. The difference is that the avocados, guacamole, and/or Friend Bears will help you to earn more income, so you'll get farther in Step 1 before you feel stuck. For example, if you were previously feeling stuck at level 16, after several times ascending you might be able to get to level 17 before feeling stuck.

What do I keep when I ascend?

  • Friend Bears
  • tokens for the bears described on the line above
  • Epic or Legendary bears, even if they aren't Friend Bears
  • tokens for the bears described on the line above
  • guacamole (the major upgrade for Friend Bears)
  • avocados

Avocados? Guacamole? Friend Bears?

Avocados are a currency you get when you ascend. You can only get avocados by ascending. The amount you get is based on your village level and your bears and building levels. You get significantly more avocados the higher your village level is, so it is worth leveling up before ascending if you can.

You use avocados to level up Friend Bears (which you also get when you ascend). Friend Bears need Guacamole to be upgraded, which you also get when you ascend.

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