I beat the last tier of Dressed To Spell and didn't get RoboBear! (AB2)

The following are some possible points of confusion with respect to the reward for Tier 5 of Dressed To Spell:

  • RoboBear Base is not a new bear or an outfit, it is a new avatar body (a.k.a., "Bear Base", like the panda bear or polar bear or whichever body you chose at the start of the game). Please make sure that you're looking in the correct place.
    • Open the Clothing Customizer, scroll the tabs all the way to the right until you find the tab for Bear Bases, and click the Bear Bases tab. RoboBear should be one of the options.
  • If you've already beaten Dressed To Spell in a previous month and got the RoboBear Base, then beat Dressed To Spell again, it will still show RoboBear Base as one of the rewards, but you won't get a second RoboBear Base in the Bear Bases screen.
  • Are you sure you beat the last tier? There are 5 tiers.
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