Questions about Helper Bundles (AB2)

Q: What is a Helper Bundle?

Helper Bundles are purchasable in the Shop on Thursdays and Fridays. They are intended to help you more quickly meet the level requirements for the 6- and 9-tiered Special Events that run on Thursdays and Fridays. There are 10 different Helper Bundles, one for each such Special Event.

Q: How do they help?

Several of the tiers in these Special Events can be played only after you own certain types of bears that meet certain level requirements. For example, Tier 4 of the "Live to Eat" Special Event requires three Savory bears that are each level 40 or higher. The "Live to Eat" Helper Bundle awards levels to random Savory bears so that you don't have to earn as many of those levels through gameplay.

Q: Do I have to purchase the Helper Bundles to play these Special Events?

No. If you are patient, you can eventually meet the requirements purely through playing the game. The Helper Bundles just speed up the process.

Q: Can I choose which bears receive the levels from the Helper Bundle? Or is it completely random?

You don't get to choose which bears receive the additional levels, but it's not completely random either. The game now ensures that the levels won't go to waste on bears that are already above the level needed for the highest tier of the Special Event if there are other eligible bears who aren't yet above the level needed. (This wasn't always the case; the change was made in v1.8.0.) However, aside from that it is random, so the bears that receive the levels may or may not be the ones you wanted to level up.

Q: I thought this would give me unowned Savory (or other particular type) bears, but it only leveled up bears I already owned!

This behavior is correct. The game randomly chooses which bears to give levels to. If a bear is chosen that you don't already own, you'll get that new bear at the appropriate level. If a bear is chosen that you do already own, it will level up the appropriate number of levels, just as is the case when you rediscover bears via playing the game. There is no guarantee that owned or unowned bears get chosen.

Q: Anything else to know?

  • Each Helper Bundle can only be purchased 5 times.
  • Make sure you're purchasing the Helper Bundle corresponding to the Special Event that you want help with. E.g., the "Live to Eat" Helper Bundle levels up Savory bears. Purchasing it would not help you to meet entry requirements for the "Just Desserts" Special Event, which requires high-level Drink bears.
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