What information are you gathering about my child?

We are committed to protecting your privacy and will gather only the information needed to help usestablish your child’s eligibility to participate in the study and understand the results of their secondsurvey. To do that we gather up to three types of information about your child:

  • Study Eligibility Information: For all students who participate in the study, we ask that the parent confirm that the child is in the target grade level (that is, a 3rd grader in the 2018-19 school year), that they have access to an iPad or iPhone, and that they have parental permissionto participate. We will need the parent’s email address so that we can communicate as neededwith the parent.

  • Student Survey Data: All participating children will be asked to take an entrance survey and exit survey to help us learn about certain aspects of their literacy skills; their interest in literacy and literacy games; their home language; and their iPad/iPhone use. This information will help us measure the game’s effectiveness in improving literacy skills.

  • Game Data: To help us understand a student’s results on their second survey, we will track howfrequently students in the Early Start group play the game and for how long. We will not track usage data on the game after the conclusion of the study. Both during and after the study we will not track any other activity on the iPad or iPhone or related to the email account. At the conclusion of the study, all information will be destroyed.

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