I see a 7-letter word, but the 7-Letter Hint power won't give me a hint (AB2)

This is a known behavior that unfortunately we won't be fixing in the foreseeable future. Alphabear 2 has multiple dictionaries, including some that provide word definitions (but let's pretend that they all comprise a single Definitions Dictionary) and one that determines whether a word is acceptable. The Acceptability Dictionary is larger—i.e., there are some acceptable words for which we don't have definitions. Unfortunately, for technical reasons we have to give these kinds of hints with the Definitions Dictionary. So there may be cases where there is an acceptable word on the board, and yet the Hint power won't be able to give it to you as a hint because it doesn't also occur in the Definitions Dictionary. But don't worry; if you see an acceptable word, you can play it even if the game won't give it to you as a Hint. (And you conserve a use of the Hint power. Sweet!)

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