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Q: What do I get with the VIP Subscription?

  • An 80% discount on tournament replays.
    • It normally costs 60 coins each time you want to replay a tournament match, but VIP subscribers pay only 12 coins per replay.
  • 100 free coins every week.
  • 2 free coffees every week.

Q: Where/When/How do I get my weekly free coins and coffees?

  • To claim the free coins and coffee, just go to the game's main menu. A screen should pop up saying that you've received the coins and coffee.
  • You can claim the first week's coins and coffee as soon as you initially subscribe.
    • If you initially subscribe from the Main Menu's Shop, you are already on the Main Menu and will see the first such popup immediately after subscribing.
    • If you initially subscribe from the Tournaments Tier page, you will have to back out to the Main Menu to see the popup.
  • After that, you can claim the free coins and coffee again after they reset, which occurs each week at 12:01am local time on Sunday.
  • You have to actually go into the game each week and claim your free coins and coffee. You won't, for example, have 300 coins and 6 coffees waiting for you if you go 3 weeks in a row without claiming them.

Q: I'm not awake at 12:01am Sunday!

  • That's okay. You have a whole week to claim your free coins and coffee. Just claim them when you are awake.
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