How do I play Alphabear 2?

The basic gameplay

  • From the letter tiles on the board, spell any word you like, then click the Submit button.
    • You spell a word by tapping the letter tiles, one at a time, in the proper order. Each tile can be used at most once. Tiles do not have to be adjacent to each other; any visible tile is valid.
    • The Submit button will display a green check mark if Alphabear 2 recognizes what's in the Submit button as a valid word.
    • If you need to undo a tile you've tapped, tap it again to unselect that letter.
    • If you want to unselect all letters and start your word over, click the red X.
  • After you've successfully submitted a word,
    • The tiles used contribute to your score, and turn into bears which also affect your score. (More info on both of these in the next section.)
    • Bears will recombine to make the biggest rectangular bears possible.
    • Any empty squares next to the tiles you used will become new letter tiles.
    • The numbers in the corners of all unused tiles will decrease by 1.
  • Keep doing that until no spellable words are possible with the tiles remaining on the board, or until time runs out in a timed match. Those are the Game Over conditions.
  • The fact that the numbers in the corners of unused letter tiles count down is important because, if a tile's counter reaches 0, then that tile becomes a rock. Rocks can't become bears, so this limits the points that are based on bears. (More info in the next section.)
    • This is important enough that we color tiles orange and then red when their counters are at 2 and 1, respectively, as a warning that you should use them soon.


This page describes how scoring works in Alphabear 2. The summary is:

  • Word Score is the points you get each turn when you submit a word.
  • Bear Score is the points you get for growing a bear as large as possible in the course of a match. Which is related to how many rocks formed on the board and where.
  • Score Bonus is like a multiplier added to your Word Score and Bear Score points.
    • Unlike the first two components, Score Bonus doesn't depend at all on how well you played. The only thing affecting it is which bears you chose at the beginning of the match.


  • At the beginning of each match, you can select up to three bears from your collection to be used in the match. These bears contribute the Score Bonus and special Power described below to the match; the other bears in your collection have no bearing on the match.
  • All bears have a Score Bonus, which is like a multiplier added to your Word Score and Bear Score points.
  • All bears have an affinity. And most matches will say that a particular affinity gets 2.5x Score Bonus, making that affinity's bears much more useful in that particular match.
  • The Score Bonus increases with a bear's Level. So if you want higher scores, it behooves you to increase your bears' levels! (More on this in the next section.)
  • All bears also have a special Power.
    • Some are passive (they are automatically applied whenever applicable), such as "+5 points for playing a 4-letter word."
    • Some are active (you must initiate its use), such as "Increase the lifetime of a tile by 3."

Adding bears to your collection

  • Some bears are earned by playing Story Mode. They will join you as you progress through the campaign.
  • Other bears are earned from Time Warps.
  • Some bears can be earned through Special Events.

Story Mode

Story Mode is the primary mode of the game. This is where your avatar and Doc Bear endeavor to save the world! There are a number of chapters to play through, and each chapter has many missions to play through.

The missions in Story Mode start out rather easy; however, they will get more difficult as you progress. Chances are that before the end of Chapter 3 even playing perfectly and making the wisest bear selections will not by itself give you enough points to pass a mission. Since playing better won't help, the only way to the only way to get more points is to increase your bears' Score Bonuses by leveling them up.

Leveling Up your bears

There are several ways of leveling up your bears:

  • Discovering a duplicate - When you discover a duplicate of a bear you already own, you don't get another copy. Instead, your existing bear levels up.
  • School - You can't discover new bears here, but you can level up bears that are already in your collection. See the School FAQ for more information.
  • Daily Events - Some of the Daily Events will let you level up existing bears, similar to how School works.

Again, the primary reason for doing this is because a bear's Score Bonus increases with its level, and you need higher Score Bonuses to win matches.

What is Honey?

Honey is the game's "energy system". Each game you play costs honey, which replenishes over time if you're below a certain amount (generally 100). When you run out of honey you'll be temporarily be unable to play until your honey recharges. When this happens, just come back in a few hours and you'll have more! This page talks about a few other ways to get more honey.

What are Coins?

Coins are a currency that can be earned through playing the game, or bought for real money if you so choose. Their primary use is spending them on the Golden Time Warp. Another use is for replaying some Special Events--events with this option will show the cost to replay them in coins after you finish the event the first time.

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