How do I buy the No-Ads feature? (Alphabear 2)

Why do I want the No-Ads feature?

See this page if you don't know all the benefits ads can give. Then imagine getting all those benefits without watching an ad ever again!

But watching ads gives me good benefits . . .

You can still get those benefits, but the ad-watching part will be skipped if you have the No-Ads feature.

Is this a permanent thing or only temporary?

The No-Ads feature is permanent. If it is purchased as part of a bundle along with coins and coffee, the coins and coffee that come in the bundle are gone once you spend/use them up.

How do I buy the No-Ads feature?

  1. Tap the Shop icon in the main menu.
  2. Tap the Items tab.
  3. Tap one of the packages containing No Ads.
  4. Tap the the green button to purchase it.

I think I bought it. How do I know?

If the purchase succeeded, you should see these changes on the Main Menu:


  • TV Time will have an Infinity symbol under it.

Yay, it worked! (Or, I want proof that it worked.) Now what?

This page explains how to continue to get the ad-related benefits now that you own the No-Ads feature.

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