I completed one of the Free Coins offers and did not receive my coins (AB2)

Please follow these steps to interact directly with ironSource (which also does business as Supersonic), the company that runs the Free Coins service. Do this first, before contacting Spry Fox.

  1. First, wait at least 15 minutes from the time the offer was completed. According to the Free Coins service's website, it could take that long or longer for the coins to arrive. You don't have to leave the app running during this time.
  2. After that, fully exit the Alphabear 2 app and relaunch it. Wait a few minutes and see if the coins are credited.
    • If so, great--you have your coins and can stop reading this FAQ!
    • If not, keep reading this FAQ.
  3. Make sure that 24 hours have elapsed since you accepted (as opposed to completed) the offer. ironSource won't let you contact them before that.
  4. Tap the coin icon.
  5. Tap the button that brings up the list of free coins offers.
  6. Tap the "In Progress" tab.
  7. Find and tap the offer for which you haven't receive the coins.
    • Note: Offers that ironSource thinks have been completed cannot be tapped. Stop following these directions and email
  8. Tap the "Missing Coins?" link.
  9. If sufficient time (24 hours) has elapsed since the offer was accepted, then you should see a "Contact support?" link here. Tap it, then continue to the next step. (If sufficient time has elapsed and you don't see it, stop following these directions and go to ironSource's support page to initiate a discussion with them.)
  10. Tap the "Missing Coins?" link.
  11. Read the page, then scroll to the bottom.
  12. Tap the "Submit a support ticket" button.
  13. Fill out the form . . .
  14. . . . and submit the form.
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