Why would I want to watch ads voluntarily? (AB2)

(Information current as of version v01.01.00)

Why would I want to watch ads voluntarily?

Benefit 1: More honey

Three times per day, you can watch an ad to get more honey. You get 50 honey for each ad you watch. To do so, tap the honeycomb icon at the top of the Main Menu. A screen will come up where you can choose to watch an ad for honey.

AB2_Ads_1a.jpg AB2_Ads_1.jpg

Benefit 2: Better drops

Watching TV Time ads gives temporary improvements to how many red cloth, yellow cloth, and berries you receive when they drop, and the rarity of bears that are awarded from a Time Warp. The boost lasts for 4 hours, and you can stack the effect (not the duration!) up to three times for even more improvement. Plus, the first time each day that you watch a TV Time ad, you'll get 5 coins.


Benefit 3: Reduced cooldown on the Free Time Warp

By default, after you use the Free Time Warp you can't use it again for 24 hours. However, if you watch an ad, you can reduce this cooldown by 6 hours. You can do this up to three times per day.


That sounds great! But that's a lot of ads to watch every day...

Well, we do sell a permanent No-Ads feature for real money that will let you get all of these benefits without watching a single ad.

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