Where did Panda Poet go?

Unfortunately, as you may already be aware, Panda Poet has been permanently shut down. The game has not had more than a handful of players for several years now, and we could no longer afford the ongoing maintenance and engineering costs to support it.

This decision didn't come easy to us after so many years, but sadly it was the only choice that made sense for us. We're very sorry for not being able to continue having the game available. Please understand that we are a small game company and while we'd like to support all of our games forever, it is not always possible for us to do so and still survive as a company.

That being said, we do have another game series that is much like Panda Poet called Alphabear! Unlike Panda Poet, Alphabear is a single player game where you solve word puzzles and create pictures with funny quotes that you can share with your friends! In fact, Alphabear was so popular that we've decided to make a sequel that is coming out later this year, so we highly recommend it if you liked Panda Poet. It is currently available and free to play on Android and iOS.

Once again, we sincerely appreciate your patience with us and for sticking with Panda Poet for all these years. We hope that we can bring you another fun gaming experience in the near future.

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