Tell me more about Quests and Quest Sets (BB)

What are Quests and Quest Sets?

  • Quests are secondary objectives that you can keep in mind as you fulfill the primary objective of defending the forest.
  • A Quest Set is a predefined group of three such Quests.

How do I see the Quests?

Click the Quests button in the upper-right corner of the main menu.

Do I get anything for completing Quests?

You don't immediately get anything for completing an individual Quest, but you do get something when you complete all of the Quests in the Quest Set.

Why do I care about completing Quest Sets?

  • You get minor rewards for completing a Quest Set.
  • After you've completed a Quest Set, you'll get 25% bonus coins for the next 10 games or until the end of the day (midnight), whichever comes first. Take advantage of the bonus and boost your coinage!
  • Completing Quest Sets is the only way to unlock additional Stages (e.g., Spooky Thicket or Kraken's Bog). When you complete enough Quest Sets, the Stage unlocks. E.g., in version 1.2.2. the Kraken's Bog stage unlocks when you've completed Quest Set #8.

I completed a Quest Set. How do I get another?

If you completed your Quest Set, you'll get a new Quest Set at midnight.

I am having a hard time with such-and-such Quest. Can I get a different Quest?

Beginning in Quest Set #5, you can replace one quest per day by watching an ad. To do so, click the swirly arrows next to the quest you want to replace.

When I replaced a quest, the Quest Set rewards changed. What gives?

That's the correct behavior. You can think about it this way (because this is how the game thinks about it): Each Quest will give a reward, but you don't receive any rewards until you complete all of the Quests in the Quest Set--then you get all the rewards at the same time. That group of rewards is what is displayed at the bottom of the Quest Set screen. If you replace a Quest with a different Quest, the new Quest probably has a different reward than the old Quest, and the rewards at the bottom of the Quest Set screen are updated accordingly.

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