How to record video on Bushido Bear using ReplayKit (iOS version only)

This guide will walk you through how to use ReplayKit to record video of your gameplay. Note that ReplayKit is an iOS feature; thus the Android version of the game does not have it.

What is ReplayKit?

ReplayKit is an iOS feature that lets you record a video of your gameplay. You might use this if you, for example, wanted to post a video of your mad Bushido Bear skillz on YouTube.

What does ReplayKit record?

ReplayKit records video and audio from the game. It will also optionally record your audio (e.g., if you want to give commentary as you play).

What are the requirements for using ReplayKit?

Please see this page to determine if your device is able to use ReplayKit.

How do I use ReplayKit to record my gameplay?

  1. Start a game like you normally would.
  2. Once you've chosen a stage you want to play, you will reach the bear select screen. At the top right, you should see a Record button. Tap that to turn it on.
  3. A pop-up should show up giving you the option to record the screen with or without the on-device microphone. If you'd like to add your own commentary to the video while recording, use the first option.
  4. The Record button should now say that it is ON.
  5. Once you've used up your lives and the game is over, it should stop recording when you tap the Continue button.
  6. Afterwards, you should see a pop-up showing your completed recording. Tap "Save" and your video will be saved to your device!

Note: It is a known bug that ReplayKit will stop working if you tap outside of the 'recorded video' popup as shown below. If this happens to you, please fully exit the app, restart the app, and re-enable recording as shown in Step 2. This should get it working again.

Where can I get my video after I've recorded it?

You should be able to find the video in your device's Photos app. From the Photos app you should be able to view it and/or share it with others.

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