Tell me more about Final Attacks

Most bears have a Final Attack available for purchase and upgrading in the Dojo. Note that Final Attack is unusable by the bear until you purchase its first level in the Dojo.

Learning the Final Attack

  1. Access the Dojo.
  2. Select the bear whose Final Attack you want to learn.
  3. Upgrade the Final Attack to at least Level 1.

Activating the Final Attack

In addition, each Final Attack has a special requirement for its activation. E.g., Lone Cub will only use Flying Bolts (his Final Attack) if he defeats 3 or more enemies in a single slash. The activation requirement is viewable on the upgrade card in the Dojo.

The Final Attack is automatically activated at the end of any slash in which the activation requirement is met. Continuing the example, Lone Cub will use his Final Bolts attack after he finishes the entire slash that defeats 3+ enemies, not as soon as the third enemy is defeated.

Why should I upgrade a Final Attack beyond Level 1?

Leveling up a Final Attack makes it stronger. E.g., Lone Cub's Level 1 Flying Bolts only shoots in 2 directions, but his Level 3 Flying Bolts shoots in 8 directions!

  • Flying Bolts at Level 1 - Shoots bolts in 2 directions
  • Flying Bolts at Level 2 - Shoots bolts in 4 directions
  • Flying Bolts at Level 3 - Shoots bolts in 8 directions



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