Do you have any hints / tips / strategies for me? (Bushido Bear)

  • Your bear moves along the path you swipe. So:
    • Don't swipe through the enemy. Your bear will run into the enemy and be defeated.
    • Instead, swipe near the enemy. Your bear will run near the enemy, and your bear's swords will damage the enemy.
  • Unlock your second and third bears as soon as possible. If you have three bears, then you can continue up to twice (which is the maximum). Prior to that you won't have that many continues, which will make your game shorter than it could be.
  • Get the first level of each bear's Final Attack as soon as possible. Until you do so, your bear won't do any Final Attacks, whereas all the other Dojo upgrades are increases to something a bear can inherently do.
  • Don't forget to visit both the Shrine and the Dojo periodically. If you're carrying around lots of unspent coins, your team probably isn't as strong as it could be.
  • Go for big combos! The more enemies you kill in a single swipe, the higher you'll score.
  • Your third life starts in "Final Vengeance" mode. You earn double points for a short period of time, so use it to kill lots of enemies and boost your score!
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