Panda Poet on Mobile Devices

Panda Poet is playable on mobile devices. However, there is no downloadable app for Panda Poet. Instead, the web game has been programmed to format itself differently when you are playing on a mobile device. To play, first put your device in the correct orientation:

  • If you have a phone-sized device, please play the game in Portrait orientation.
  • If you have a tablet-sized device, please play the game in Landscape orientation.

Then, in your device's web browser, go to and you'll be able to play.

The following operating systems are supported (if you try playing on other versions, we hope it will work, but it may not):

  • iOS 6.0 and above
  • Android 2.3.3 and above. (However, sound and music are disabled for Android 2.x)

Depending on the size of your screen, some features have been moved into different screens or may look a little different. The screenshots below show you where to find them.

  1. Spelling words is done by clicking the letter tiles. If you make a mistake, click the tile again to unselect it.
  2. The button with the hooked arrow is for submitting your move. It looks like the symbol on the Enter key on a computer keyboard.
  3. Use the button with the non-hooked arrow if you want to quickly erase your word.
  4. The "speech bubble" button is used to access the Chat feature. The Resign, Block, Hint, and Problem Report features are also in the screen that comes up when you click this button. Note that the way to submit a Problem Report is to type in the chat window a special sequence of characters (explained on that screen), then a space, and then the description of the problem.
  5. This button brings you back to the main menu so that you can switch to your other Panda Poet games or start new Panda Poet games.
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