Why don't the pandas know my word?

There are several possible reasons why the pandas might not know your word (i.e., the game doesn't think the word is acceptable):

  • The word is more than 12 letters in length. (Panda Poet's dictionary maxes out at 12 letters).
  • The word should always be capitalized (proper nouns fall into this category). E.g., "Wednesday". This is a standard rule in other word games, including Scrabble and Alphabear.
  • The word has no vowels. There are some real English words that have no vowels, but we've removed them from the Panda Poet dictionary because players unfamiliar with them often complained that the game was broken for not ending when these vowel-less words were the only remaining words on the board.
  • We removed some very obscure words from the Panda Poet dictionary. E.g., "euoi".
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