I signed in, but I'm seeing someone else's games and/or nickname

This is a known issue with the way we use Panda Poet cookies. Please do the following:

  1. In Panda Poet's main screen, click the Logout button.
  2. Close all of the tabs in your web browser, then exit the web browser itself. (If you're running more than one instance of the web browser, do this for all instances of the web browser.)
  3. Launch the web browser, then follow these instructions to clear your Panda Poet cookies:
  4. Go to . The browser should have forgotten you, such that you are taken to the title screen. If not, stop and let us know that the browser still remembered you at Step 4.
  5. Click the appropriate Sign In button (G+ or Facebook) on that screen and complete the Sign In process.
  6. The nickname and games you see should now be the correct ones.
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