I got error 963 from the Google Play Store

Error 963 is a problem with the Google Play Store--if you do an internet search for "error 963" (without the quotes), you will see a large number of results that do not involve Spry Fox games.

To resolve the error, please try the following steps:

  1. Fully exit from all Spry Fox games, as some of them will be negatively affected by the clock changes we will make in the next step. This page contains instructions for fully exiting from an app.
  2. Set your device's clock two weeks into the future. In order to do this, you will have to temporarily turn off the "Automatic date & time" feature if you are using it.
  3. Now turn on the "Automatic date & time" feature (regardless of whether you were using it or not).
    • Steps 2 and 3 may seem pointless because we're now back to the original time. But they are important because they force the device to re-sync with the Google servers.
  4. Open your Settings app and click Apps >> Google Play Store. Somewhere in here is a button to Uninstall Updates (mine is under a "..." button in the upper-right corner on one device, but sitting at the top level on another device). Click the Uninstall Updates button. If confirmation screens come up, choose OK.

After you've done these things, retry the action that originally gave you the error. Hopefully it will succeed.

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